The beginning of my baby story…

I was at university studying English and Media in Cardiff when I found out I was pregnant (hilariously cliché I know). Surprised is an understatement and I was even more surprised when I found out I was already 12 weeks gone.

I was still bleeding each month and didn’t feel any different in myself apart from having terrible hangovers and unable to touch tea or coffee (massive alarm bell looking back). The only other symptom I noticed was how terrible my skin was which I thought was bloody typical for freshers week!

It was clear from the beginning that the father didn’t want any involvement and my family were far from over the moon at the news. I had to try and start saving from the small amounts I was earning working part-time at a nightclub and get out of the year’s contract in the student house I was living in. Neither were particularly successful but my family eventually came round to the idea and I moved back in with them.

The timing was dreadful and by far the most stressful time of my life. Panicking over how I could afford it and that the baby would only have three toes or something because of all the sambuca I’d drank. However, despite the shock, I loved her from the moment I found out and realised it was completely what I wanted.

Fasting forward a few months, I found out I was having a girl at my 20 week scan and everything looked healthy. I could finally be happy and excited about things, loving my growing bump and shopping for beautiful pink baby grows (not very modern of me I know).

The day Isabella was born is the best day of my life (despite the terrible hospital food) and I can’t believe how perfectly things have fallen into place. I am so fortunate I’m able to live back home with my family, even if it is a complete nut house.

I absolutely love being a mummy and I hope you can relate to some of my posts or at least find humour in them!

Olivia xx

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