Can you really prevent stretch marks?

I always find it crazy now some people get lots of stretch marks in pregnancy and some people get none, regardless of bump size, age, weight, skin tone etc. I think it’s one of those things you’re either going to get or you aren’t. I was lucky enough not to get any on my stomach but I got some dark purple ones on my hips and on my boobs since breastfeeding. You would think I suddenly have Kim K curves but sadly it’s not quite like that. I think it proves that sometimes it’s a hormonal/genetic thing rather than just down to skin elasticity.

Even though I don’t think you can prevent stretch marks as such, I’ve been massaging bio oil into them to speed up the fading process and already they’re a lot fainter. You can pick up bio oil in most places and I like it as it’s light and not too greasy which a lot of oils can be.

In all honesty, I wasn’t very good at rubbing moisturiser into my bump as I’m the kind of person who gets out the shower and completely forgets about it. However, I think it’s definitely good to keep the skin supple and it’s nice to know you did everything you could to prevent them even if you do get a few.

I think around the 20 week mark is the most important time to start as that’s when my bump suddenly appeared from that bloated looking bulge you get at the beginning. Around that time is when you start to feel movements as well so it’s lovely to massage your bump and feel them move in reaction.

Olivia xx

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