Those pregnancy gender myths…

There is so many old wives tales when it comes to guessing gender in pregnancy. You constantly have people telling you stuff like ‘oh you’re having a boy because you’re carrying weight around your hips’ (turns out that was just cake). Every ‘sign’ pointed towards me having a boy; my salty cravings, my low bump, no morning sickness etc. Even the scientific sounding ones about having bad skin due to higher testosterone levels. Wrong. People expecting girls at the same time as me had completely different pregnancies with lots of morning sickness but beautiful glowing skin. It just goes to show that every single pregnancy is different and you can never tell what you’re getting. There is a 50% chance of them being correct after all.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s always fun to have a guess as it adds to the excitement and anticipation of it all. I just couldn’t wait the whole 9 months without knowing!

Olivia xx

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