My not-so-glowing pregnancy skin…

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, my skin in pregnancy was horrendous. It was covered in spots mainly on my T-zone and some on my cheeks. My skin was also extremely dry with really sore patches which wouldn’t go away no matter which expensive moisturisers, night creams and oils I tried. I went to the doctors about it but they couldn’t prescribe any steroid cream with me being pregnant. I tried eating healthily and drinking lots of water but as your bladder isn’t particularly strong during pregnancy, I don’t think I was able to stay hydrated for long enough.

Every morning I would dread looking in the mirror and having to put make up on as I felt it made my spots worse and my foundation looked really dry and horrible. Perhaps the old wives tale about daughters stealing their mother’s beauty is true in this case.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the answers for this one. Only the obvious advice that my mum always preaches about not squeezing as it really does make them worse. It’s got to be said though, I’m awful at resisting the temptation and I’ve only got better since having Isabella because I don’t have 5 minutes to myself! Luckily my skin went back to normal soon after giving birth and now I only get the occasional blemish. I think when you imagine pregnancy you think of healthy glowing skin so when you look worse, accompanied by the massive belly it doesn’t make you feel great.

Don’t get me wrong though, she is completely worth looking like crap for 9 months and I’m so lucky I didn’t get any sickness that a lot of women suffer with!

Olivia xx

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