Weaning your baby…

I wasn’t one to play by the rules in school so I wasn’t going to be any different as a parent. I haven’t read any books and I kind of just trust my instincts and look into things as and when they crop up. Isabella was only 5 lbs 14 born so she has been playing catch up massively and has been such a hungry little bear. She suffered with colic then reflux where water would just come straight back up after feeding as it wasn’t thick enough to stay down. From 4 months, she was showing all the signs that she was ready for weaning. She would watch me eat and try to grab it from me, she would put everything in her mouth, she would still be hungry after drinking 8 oz and can sit up with only a bit of support.

When she was about 19 weeks I tried her with some baby rice and she loved it. She would open her mouth up really wide and get excited when she saw it. It also helped a lot with her reflux and she is so much more content. Then when she was 22 weeks I introduced puréed vegetables and fruit which she loves as well. I usually give her banana rice/porridge in the morning, either sweet potato, parsnip or broccoli for lunch then pear rice for tea. I didn’t want to give her too much fruit so I only put a teaspoon in with her rice to give it the flavour. Pear rice is by far her favourite, broccoli not so much. I’ve just stuck to giving her veg for lunch at the moment so she has time to digest it before bedtime. I cream the veg with a bit of her usual milk so it’s more familiar tasting and she’s getting on so well with it.

I bought a nutribullet baby which I find amazing. It comes with lots of cute little pots with a date dial and batch trays for freezing. That way I can make up her meals for the month and it works out really cheap. I’m not adverse to giving her the odd pouch out and about but generally I like to know what’s in the food I give her and it’s much more cost effective.

Olivia xx

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