Baby brain struggles…

Anyone who says baby brain isn’t a thing is lying, they just have to be. In pregnancy, every day was a ‘looking for phone, phone in hand’ kind of day, but even now I feel like I’m losing the plot. It doesn’t help for someone like me who is already extremely ditsy.

I rarely make it down to clinic for weigh in so I just weigh her at home with me holding her and subtract my weight. This is usually an effective technique. However, because I don’t want to know how much I weigh at the moment (it really is that bad), I got my brother to hold her. It worked out that she was 14.4 kg which converts to 31 lbs. I quite literally had a mini panic attack. She was 13.6 lbs three weeks ago, how has she put on 5 lbs a week the last three weeks?! I felt like the worst mum in the world that I’d made my daughter obese by feeding her too big portions, texting all my mum friends asking if their little ones put on that much when they started weaning.

Turns out someone had changed the settings from kg to lbs on the scales. She’s 14.4 lbs. Not kilos. Heart attack over. I don’t actually know how I thought that was possible. I mean, her legs have got pretty chunky the last few weeks but not 2 stone 4 chunky. Mental note to self- always check these things.

Let me know any similar stories you might have!

Olivia xx

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