My best buys I couldn’t have lived without…

1. The Sleepyhead

I think Sleepyheads are quite well known now but to anyone thinking of getting one, it is well worth the money! Isabella isn’t an amazing sleeper but the Sleepyhead is the only thing she’ll sleep in other than her car seat with the movement of the car. I genuinely don’t think she would’ve slept at all otherwise! It can go inside the cot or Moses basket and makes them feel cosy and snug like they’re being cuddled. It has also meant I can have her in bed with me and know she’s 100% safe. I have it down in the living room with me in the evenings and have taken it to friends houses so she can have a sleep whilst we have dinner. Such a simple design but so portable and useful!

2. Love to Dream swaddle/ergoCocoon swaddle and sleep bag

I found the Love to Dream swaddle an absolute God send when Isabella was newborn. Because I was up every hour feeding her and changing her nappy, it could get faffy having to manually swaddle her back up every time. It also meant she couldn’t wriggle out of it and didn’t have to worry about it going up over her face and suffocating her (such a massive worry when you’re a new mum despite how unlikely it is to happen). The suit is a thin, stretchy material and means they can sleep with their arms up which Isabella loved doing until she was a few months old. Being thin, I found it perfect for the summer and she would often just have her nappy or a vest on with it in the really hot weather.

Now that it’s coming into Autumn/Winter and she doesn’t like having her arms up in the same way, I’ve been using the ergoCocoon swaddle and sleepbag. It’s a similar thing, the only difference being it’s fleece lined and they can have their arms however they want inside it. There is also arm holes either side with poppers that they can either have done up or their arms out, the same as a grow bag. Isabella seems to have quite a bad startle reflex so will throw her arms in the air and end up whacking herself in the head, waking her up. They both look hilariously like straight jackets but I’ve found Isabella is so cosy in them and are the only way she can sleep well.

3. Lansinoh Lanolin nipple cream

This is the little purple tube of wonder. Luckily I was bought it when I was pregnant as I hadn’t heard about it before and took it into hospital with me. What. A. Relief. The first few days of breastfeeding were agony. I think partly because you aren’t used to someone sucking on your nipples constantly and partly because they’re sucking and sucking only for a tiny bit of colostrum to come out. They were so cracked and sore but the lanolin cream really helped them and now I only have to use it occasionally for soreness but mainly as a preventive. I also use it on Isabella’s nappy rash and any dry bits she has, as well as on my lips as it’s so healing!

4. Ickle bubba stomp V3 all-in-one travel system

I didn’t have loads of money to spend on a pram but I wanted to buy a brand new one that had everything included. Otherwise I knew I’d be faffing around getting a car seat from here, a carrycot from there and spending loads on accessories. The Ickle bubba all-in-one travel system had everything I need for £499 and was the next best thing to the Bugaboo. It includes an ISO fix base, carrycot, pushchair and car seat that all fit easily onto a set of lightweight wheels. It also came with a rain cover, changing bag, pushchair foot warmer and car seat foot warmer.

5. Whoozit

Mr whoozit has been Isabella’s best friend from about a month old. She would lay there staring at the black and white side when she was really little and now she has full blown conversations with him. She loves feeling his different sensory arms and making him rattle and squeak. I hang him on the head rest in the car and on the handlebars of her buggy to stare at or she will have him attached to the strap in her car seat. He genuinely keeps her so occupied. Don’t know what I would’ve done without this guy.

Olivia xx

2 thoughts on “My best buys I couldn’t have lived without…

  1. Hello, Im an expecting mum and love to read mum blogs! Yours is amazing may I just add. I have only recently started following you on instagram so have just caught up on all of the blogs you have written. I love them, they are so useful and make me giggle. Well done on what you are doing, being a single mum isnt easy but you are making it look easy. Carry on what you are doing and make Isabella proud! Jade x


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