Isabella’s Christening…

We got Isabella Christened on 10th September this year and it was such a lovely day. I can’t lie and say I’m a deeply religious person but I think it’s a nice thing as it welcomes them into the community and gives them the option. I was Christened along with my two brothers and Charlie was Christened in the same church by the same vicar. Chaz very kindly agreed to read a poem like I did at his when I was the same age and Isabella wore my old Christening gown so it was full of sentimentality. I know some churches are particular about parents being married but I was open straight away about there being no father in the picture and they were very understanding and welcoming. I don’t think it’s right to be criticised in this day and age for not being married or being a single parent as it isn’t the child’s fault and surely they need the support of the community even more.

I love the idea of Isabella having godparents to fill that gap and I took my decisions really seriously. I chose people I know are always going to be in Isabella’s life no matter what. Chantelle, Elliot and Lily who are cousins and Maisie who has been my best friend since we were 2-years-old. Chantelle and Elliot live in London, Lily lives in Dublin and Maisie is going off travelling in January but that doesn’t matter in the slightest. However many miles away they are, I know she will always be in their hearts. As she gets older, I know she will love them in a special way and visit us every day in the home when we’re all pissing into a bag and can no longer feed ourselves. Chantelle said some beautiful words that are written down in her book to will treasure forever. Sometimes love isn’t about genetics, it runs so much deeper than that. Love is about the people who are there for us when it matters. I genuinely think Isabella was a gift from our precious Nan that passed away last year. She was the kindest, most warm-hearted person I’ve ever known, who taught me what unconditional love is. I wish she was here to meet her, as I know she would have adored her so much. I know that she is here in spirit though and Isabella will feel like she knows her from all the stories we’ll tell her. Just because talking about her makes us feel sad that she’s no longer here, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it. She was one of life’s diamonds that should be celebrated and spoken of through generations.

I was so surprised at the turnout and felt humbled that so many people made the effort to celebrate Isabella’s special day with us. Of course, I was nearly late to the service, couldn’t physically walk in my shoes, Isabella talked through the entire thing and Maisie and I nearly broke down during ‘Shine Jesus, Shine’ because of each others terrible singing voices. It was still a perfect day though and I’m so glad we did it. Isabella is so lucky to have so much support and love from friends and family members.

Olivia xxx

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