Inside my make up bag…

So I wanted to share with you a slightly different post about which make up products I use. I hope you can relate as my application skills are incredibly basic and being a mum, I haven’t got hours to apply it in the morning or hundreds of pounds to spend on different brushes etc. There’s certain things I don’t like spending a lot of money on but other things I think are worth it as they last so much longer than the cheap products. A few months ago, I was looking for a new foundation so decided to book in for a makeover in MAC to see what they used. I was a bit sceptical as every time I’ve had my make up done at a counter, I’ve felt like a drag queen and wanted to take it off straight away. I can only ever wear minimal make up for some reason as the more I wear, the worse I look (not because I’m naturally stunning or anything like that). Some people look amazing with a big smokey eye but it doesn’t suit me at all. I made sure that I was specific about only liking subtle make up looks with shimmery gold shadows for going out. Everyone raves about MAC and I wasn’t sure if it’s one of those massively overrated things a bit like Victoria’s Secret (yes I said it, it’s really not special for the money). I was pleasantly surprised though and loved the foundation they used.

MAC studio sculpt-

I love this foundation as it gives amazing coverage without being too heavy. I usually use one layer in the day and 2 if I’m going out in the evening. It hides all my imperfections and blemishes so I don’t even need to wear concealer with it.

Autograph illuminating primer-

I actually love the autograph make up range and think it’s good quality for a low price. I use this primer by itself if I’m not wearing makeup or under foundation to give my skin a lovely dewy glow.

Bobbi brown pot rouge (pale pink)-

I absolutely love this product as it’s so versatile. I use it on my lips and my cheeks to give my skin a bit of colour whilst staying glowing and not matte like some powder blushes do. I just use my fingers to apply it which is really easy and I’ve had it for about 8 months now so it lasts ages.

Autograph ultimate wear cream shadow stick-

I love this because you just draw it on so easily and it stays in place really well. I use it if I’m going out or in the day if I want to do my makeup a bit nicer. I find with some eye shadows or cremes they gather in the creases of your eyelids but this one doesn’t at all.

Rimmel glam eyes liquid eyeliner-

I have tried all kinds of different gel liners but this is the only thing I can use on my eyes. I have small eyelids so I only like a really thin line and all the gel ones are too thick for me. I have a really unsteady hand but I still find this relatively easy to apply and wipes off easily if I make a mistake.

Mac extreme dimension 3D black lash mascara-

I like the comb type of mascaras as I find them the most lengthening for my lashes. I’ve always used max factor false lash effect up until my makeover when I decided to try the MAC one. I like both of them but the MAC one is a bit thicker so I only need one coat whereas I need 2 with the max factor one. The MAC one is more expensive though so it depends how much time you have in the morning. I don’t have very much at all so it works better for me.

Kiko eyebrow expert styling kit-

I love the kiko brow powder as it’s the perfect colour and gives them density and thickness instead of just looking drawn on. I use the wax afterwards to give them a better outline and look glossier.

Benefit high brow-

I use the champagne coloured one and find it amazing for highlighting under my brows and my Cupid’s bow. It lasts ages and you can apply it as prominent or as subtly as you want.

Benefit Hoola-

I have literally had this for about 4 years I think to the point where it’s falling apart. I don’t know how to contour/have the time but I’ve heard it’s perfect for that. I just use a tiny bit over my foundation on my hair/jaw line, nose, eyelids and chin to give myself a bit of colour. It’s perfect as you can use it lightly/heavily depending on how dark your skin tone is or how visible you want it to be. I love that it isn’t sparkly like some bronzers are when they look great in your bedroom then you step out into the daylight looking like one of those blokes you see in town that move when you give them money.

Pleasure me red lipstick Maybelline-

I find it so difficult to get the right lipstick colour and have bought so many just to be disappointed. I’m a red lipstick kind of girl and feel naked without it on. I love a bright red colour with a blue tone to it as I think it’s the most striking and makes your teeth look whiter. I bought the MAC ruby woo lipstick a while back because I’d heard that is a very red red colour but when I tried it on at home I found it was very pinky. My friends still insist it’s a bright red on them but it must be different on different people’s lips. I discovered this one by chance and I keep buying it again as I love the colour. It’s a cheap one and doesn’t last hours and hours but that doesn’t bother me too much. It’s easy to apply and doesn’t dry your lips out like some lipsticks do.

Benefit boing-

I’ve been using the benefit boing concealer for years and I find it amazing. I love the way you apply it with a brush as it covers blemishes really subtly unlike some stick ones that almost make it look worse. It has good coverage without being drying so you can use it under your eyes without it being obvious. It’s 100% worth the money as it lasts ages.

I use a foundation brush from primark which I actually find really good and my concealer, eyeshadow and powder brushes are from the body shop. I find them absolutely fine and have had them for years. I think the important thing with make up is finding products that work for you at an affordable price. I hope you enjoyed this post, I hope to post more about my skincare regime and favourite hair products

Love, Olivia xxx

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