Moving your baby into their own room…

I don’t think there’s a right or a wrong time to move your baby into their own room, it just depends what works best for them and for you. Until a few weeks ago, I had the cot in my bedroom and Isabella would either sleep in there or in bed with me in her Sleepyhead. As she was a bad sleeper, she would sleep on me downstairs in the evenings then we’d go to bed at about 10. However, we got a routine in place about a month ago and I now put her down at 7/7.30 after a bath. It’s lovely having an evening back but I found I would disturb her when I went to bed and it was a pain not being able to go in my bedroom all evening. I’d have to make sure my bedroom was spotless before putting her down otherwise I’d have to go to sleep in a messy room. It meant in the day when I started putting her down for naps, I couldn’t use that time to get ready or sort things out in my room. It wasn’t really working so a couple of weeks ago I put the cot into her nursery and she goes to sleep in there. She’s 7 months so I thought it’s probably a fair time to do it. The first night felt so strange and I hated not having her right there with me. I still do in a way as I love being close to her but it means I can get ready for bed or roll over in the night without worrying about waking her up. I have the monitor on at all times so I can hear if she wakes up or stirs, then she can come into my bed if she’s a bit unsettled and for her bottle at 5. She’s such a good girl for sleeping now, I can’t emphasise how beneficial the routine has been for both of us and it only took about a week to get in place.

Admittedly, it can be hard work getting up out of bed and into a different room when they just need their dummy putting back in or to know you’re there. I’m a really deep sleeper even after having Isabella so sometimes by the time I hear her through the monitor and get to her, she can be wide awake and really upset. Where as if she’s right next to me, all it takes is me to put my hand on her tummy and she settles straight away. Once I get out of bed as well, I really struggle getting back to sleep and can be led there for ages. I think being in their own room can help them to self settle better in the long run but sometimes you just want an easy life. At the moment I feel like we have the best of both worlds as she can go down in her own room but then can come into my bed later on if needs be and it doesn’t seem to confuse her. I think that’s the beauty of the Sleepyhead as it’s so easy to transfer her and it’s that she’s used to rather than the cot or bed itself. It’s all about finding something that works for you and not worrying about anything else. Everyone is very different so it’s to be expected that different things will work for different people.

Olivia xx

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