Isabella’s first Christmas…

Isabella’s first Christmas didn’t go exactly to plan, she was poorly for the whole thing and is still not 100% herself now. On Christmas Eve she had really bad diarrhoea that quite literally burnt her little bum and caused nappy rash and blisters. I was changing her nappy every half hour to an hour but at this stage she was still her usual happy self so I put it down to teething. By Boxing Day however, it was a lot worse and even water was going straight through her. In the night, she woke up screaming and projectile vomiting, she went all limp and there was no tears in her eyes meaning she was probably really dehydrated. There was no consoling her so we rang 111 who were their usual helpful selves. They were completely ignoring what I was telling them and kept saying stuff like ‘well is she purple in colour? Has she had a severe head injury in the last 12 hours? Is she coughing up blood?’ Then they started asking ‘well does she know you’re her mother?’ Well I don’t bloody know, she’s 8 months old for Christ’s sake! We then waited up for hours for them to call back with a walk-in centre appointment (I thought the whole idea of a walk-in centre is you don’t need an appointment but apparently not). It took them 6 hours to call us back and they said listening to her symptoms, to take her straight to A&E. There was only 2 other people in there but we were still waiting 1.5 hours to be seen.

Once we were seen they were helpful and told us to make sure she has tiny amounts of clear fluid every 5 minutes and to give her apple juice mixed in with water to get some sugar into her. I was there all day with her up on the ward and it was heartbreaking because every nappy change was so painful for her and it wouldn’t let her sleep. She is usually the happiest little baby and screeches for my dad and brother but even they weren’t getting smiles so we knew it was bad. I had never been so tired and hungry in my entire life and having to move the car every hour was another nightmare. Think we spend about £30 on parking. My mum and dad were amazing and so helpful, I couldn’t have done it all without them. Eventually, she managed to keep some fluid down and had a bit of a wet nappy so we were allowed to go home.

After concentrating on mainly clear fluids for a few days, she got a bit better apart from a nasty cold she picked up from somewhere. It’s so difficult when their immune systems are low as they seem to pick up something else so quickly and hospitals aren’t the best places for germs. The bug lasted for about 10 days in total, making me think it was a norovirus type of thing as most sickness bugs only last 48 hours. Since recovering, she seems to be a bit intolerant to her milk which apparently is quite common after a nasty bug and to carry on as normal.

Whilst things didn’t exactly go to plan this Christmas, we still enjoyed the build up to it and she’s loving playing with her new toys now. She got a ball pit, a vtech first steps Walker, a chatter telephone, lots of sensory and bath toys, some ugg boots and lots of clothes. She was very spoilt. She even got her first baby annabel which freaked the hell out of our dog Lenny who was barking, trying to free her from the box bless him.

She has lost a lot of weight and is much weaker but I’m hoping she starts to put it back on now she’s feeling slightly better. Having a poorly child is the worst thing ever because you just want to take their pain away and swap places with them but you can’t. I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas with their loved ones and a happy new year!

Olivia xxx

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