‘Gender neutral’ rant…

It’s 2018 and we live in a society where it’s widely accepted to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and so on. I don’t have an issue with any of these, nor do I know anyone who does. I think it’s wonderful how it’s actually celebrated now with things like ‘Pride’ and anyone who does have an issue, are in a minority. It’s becoming more normal everyday to see a man dressed as a woman or hearing stories in the news about someone who has undergone a sex change because they felt they were born in the wrong body. I genuinely do feel for these people as I know it’s real and a really tough process. We are lucky that we live in a day and age where this is no longer shameful or negative because everyone has the right to be themselves.

However, I feel that very recently, the world has gone slightly mad and people are almost afraid of gender. With more and more parents not revealing their baby’s gender because ‘they want to leave it up to them to decide’, I feel like things have gone a bit far. Surely we are born male or female and we should embrace the gender we are given as much as we humanly can? Now I don’t mean that in the sense of boys should play football and play with toy cars and dinosaurs whilst girls stick to ballet and baby Annabelle. Not in the slightest. When I was younger, I dressed like a Tom boy half the time, played with trains and made mud pies. I had princesses and dolls that I’d play with as well and when my brother came along, he would play with them too. He’d love dressing up in a tiara and tutu and playing with my polly pockets. I even used to tell my parents I wanted to be a boy when I grew up. Did it worry my parents? Not particularly. It just meant I enjoyed doing ‘boyish’ things and was friends with more boys than I was girls.

Roughly 17 years later, I’m here, I identify as a woman, I’m sexually attracted to men and I have a daughter of my own. It’s no secret that I love dressing her in pretty pink clothes with little tutu’s and bows, floral dresses and frilly cardigans. I don’t know if I’ll have another girl so I want to make the most of it. That’s not the only thing I dress her in though, I also dress her in a lot of blues and greens with little denim jackets that could be worn by either sex. It annoys me how I can no longer go on the John Lewis or Jojo Maman Bebe website and look at girls clothes. It’s now all in together and takes twice as long to look, sifting through all the green dinosaur tops. If people want to go into the girls section and buy a pink dress for their son, not a problem. If people want to similarly go into the boys section and buy a Thomas the tank engine top for their daughter, absolutely fine. The thing that annoys me is everyone knows frilly pinks and dresses are for girls so why are we pretending they’re not? It’s been instilled in us for so long that it’s not our fault. If someone dressed their baby boy in a floral dress with a bow, people would think it was odd. However, people are suddenly denying they have these associations because they are scared of offending. What is wrong with dressing little girls as little girls and little boys as little boys? Whether you wear pink or blue, it makes absolutely no difference to equality or the things you can go on to do.

I wish we didn’t have to pretend the majority of people on this earth aren’t happy with the gender they were born as. We seem to live in a world where the majority are constantly worried about offending the minority, to an extent at which it’s uncomfortable. Rant over.

Olivia xxx

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